A band of pirates patrolled the Wasteland on the planet Prine. Led by a member of a four-horned species, the organization's goons largely consisted of a pachydermoid species, who rode long-necked reptilians. In addition to salvage, the group worked in the slave trade, transporting their cargo in barges pulled by large, horned beasts.

In 19 BBY, the group raided the village of Yan and Maddie, killing the former and capturing the latter. They would later capture the stranded Ember Chankeli. However, Chankeli's companion, Jedi fugitive Dass Jennir, mounted a rescue operation resulting in the deaths of many in the caravan. Bounty hunter Falco Sang, who managed in driving Jennir away, allowed the surviving pirates and creatures to leave peacefully, albeit without their barges.

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