found troughout the galexy

Average lifespan

150 years

AnatomyEdit The Toraton's immense size is the product of a diet of huge amounts of vegetations. It can reach into the treetops, and also allows for a huge digestive system. The shell only covers part of the animal's body, to reduce weight - but it cannot retract into it. The shell serves to support the immense weight and relatively weak muscles of the Toraton. Toratons can grow up to seven meters (23 feet) in height, almost twice the size of an adult African Elephant, and weigh 122 tonnes (120 imperial tons), about 24 times an African Elephant. Toraton sight and hearing is relatively poor, but their sense of smell is strong. BehaviourEdit Toatons are the largest animals ever to walk the planet in terms of bulk and weight, but are rivalled in size by some huge sauropod dinosaurs. Toratons live in large herds, roaming the swamp in search of food. Mothers care for their young for five years, and they stay with the herd for up to thirty. A healthy Toraton can live for up to 120 years.

FeedingEdit Toratons are, as a general rule, not fussy about what they eat, and will consume most plant matter available in the swamp, eating up to six tonnes every day. Baby Toratons are coprophagic, meaning that they eat the mother's dung for their first few meals. this provides them with essential vitamins and minerals. BreedingEdit Female Toratons cannot support the weight of a male on her back during mating. Thy have overcome this obstacle by mating back-to-back.They back into each other with raised tails, and when one cloaca (the end of the digestive tract) touches another, sperm is released. Females lay one or two eggs in a large nest, and these are predated by Swampus. The shell is leathery and malleable, like in modern tortoises, but very tough; the mother will pierce it with her sharp beak to release the babies.

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