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Ando Prime

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  • Gra'pa

Before the Republic era

The Order of Dai Bendu, also known as the Bendu, was one of the many ancient, mythic, and semi-legendary organizations that studied the Force and the midi-chlorians prior to the birth of the Jedi Order on Tython.

The ancient order arose on the planet Thape and first consisted of monks dedicated to non-confrontation and the study of numerology.[1] The monks later made their home in the Andobi Mountains of Ando Prime, where they stayed in isolation. On this snowy planet, the monks discovered a mysterious pyramidal edifice they called the Tho Yor.[2]

The monks knew this pyramid came from another world, but they couldn't guess its purpose or even see what was hidden inside. Nonetheless, the Bendu monks thought a great power was contained in it, and they believed they could hear its "voice" through patient meditation. After attending the edifice for a millennium, the monks finally heard the call of the Tho Yor and entered it, discovering it was in fact a starship. The monks of the Dai Bendu were brought to Tython along with members of other Force-sensitive organizations of the Galaxy, and they later contributed to the foundation of the Je'daii Order.[2] The name Je'daii itself testifies to the influence of Bendu philosophy on the Order. It was an amalgam of two ancient Dai Bendu words—je meaning "mystic" and dai meaning "center".[3]


The Bendu monks believed that the number nine represented the beneficent presence of the Force in a unitary galaxy. At the time of the Unification Wars,[4] they used to represent this through eight spokes joined to one disc. This eight-spoked, single centered circular sigil they created later adorned the starfighters of the Jedi Knights and saw use as the insignia of the Old Republic. After the fall of the Republic in 19 BBY, Emperor Palpatine personalized this ancient icon by removing two spokes, thus creating the Imperial crest.[1]

==Behind the scenes==
Dai Bendu, and later Jedi Bendu, were early names George Lucas considered using for the Jedi.

"Dai" is a morpheme word for "Big" in Japanese and has also been used as a greeting and a farewell in Diane Duane's Young Wizards series.

The eight-spoked wheel is a symbol in Buddhism representing the Noble Eightfold Path, called the dharmachakra.

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==Notes and references==

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