Ord Ibanna
Ord Ibanna

Outer Rim Territories[1]


Brema sector


Ord Ibanna system



Grid coordinates


Rotation period

31 hours

Orbital period

374 days


Gas giant


Type I (Breathable)



Surface water


Points of interest
Immigrated species
Primary language(s)


Major cities

Ibanna City

  • Cirou
  • Distler
  • Kuniwake
  • Ginsberg

Galactic Republic

Ord Ibanna was a gas giant in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet once housed a Tibanna gas mining colony, which was abandoned sometime prior to the Invasion of Naboo as well as being the site of an intense naval engagement between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.

During the Great Galactic War, Ord Ibanna played host to a space battle between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. With the Sith Navy all but defeated and their commanding Sith killed in action, a young naval officer named Rycus Kilran took full command of the desperate forces of the Empire and led the Sith to a quick but efficient victory. This officer, Rycus Kilran, would later go on to become a Grand Moff after showing his tactical genius and commitment to victory in the Sacking of Coruscant. Three millennia later, during the Clone Wars, Jedi Quinlan Vos and Tholme used the planet as a clandestine meeting place. The planet finally disappeared from history at the outlawing of podracing by the Galactic Empire.

Ord Ibanna

Podracing on Ord Ibanna.

Despite the derelict state of the mining platform (or perhaps because of them), Ord Ibanna was used as a host for the podracing circuits. The head scrap scavenger, Dethro Glok, set up at least three courses involving these decrepit platforms. He enjoyed the high speed thrills of the races and listening to the screams of pilots as they tumbled down to the abyss below.The three Podracing tracks are as follows: Scrapper's Run, Dethro's Revenge, and Abyss.

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