Merrk Kelborn
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Old Republic era


"Back in one piece, more or less. Most would have turned back or died before getting a pat on the back from Zakkeg or Gen."
―Merrk Kelborn[src]

Merrk Kelborn was a male Human Mandalorian Rally Master[1] during the time of the Cold War.

==Behind the Scenes==
The character's only appearance so far has been in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the game, Kelborn can be found both on Vaiken Station in the Imperial Fleet and in the Mandalorian Enclave on Dromund Kaas as the Advanced Class instructor for the Bounty Hunter class. He shares his last name with Kelborn from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

*Star Wars: The Old Republic Template:1st

==Notes and references==

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