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Old Republic era[1]

"Look, I'll point out her husband, but that's it. He seems jumpy, and I'm not risking my neck."

Mekks was a male Human who lived on the planet Nal Hutta during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. By 3,643 BBY he worked as a comm officer in the spaceport of an industrial town named Jiguuna. Prior to this he had also come to owe a woman named Gianna a favour. Mekks repaid the favour in 3,643 BBY when he saw her son Zi'am and her husband Kendrel in the spaceport attempting to flee the planet. The pair were trying to escape Hutta as Gianna wished for Zi'am, who was Force-sensitive, to train on the planet Korriban to become a Sith. Kendrel, who had trained on Korriban previously himself but failed and fled, did not want Zi'am to suffer the same experience he'd had and so was trying to take his son to safety. Mekks repaid the favor by informing Gianna of her husband and son's wereabouts and then directed an Imperial aligned individual she hired to retreive Zi'am to the pairs location. Mekks then witnessed the individual kill Kendrel after he refused to give up his son.


"Huh. You're the one Gianna recruited to rescue her son? She said you were on your way."
―Mekks greets the individual Gianna hired.[src]

Mekks was a male Human who lived during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.[1] Sometime before or during 3,643 BBY,[2] he came to work as a comm officer on the planet of Nal Hutta within a spaceport in a small industrial town named Jiguuna. He also came to owe a favor to a woman named Gianna.In 3,643 BBY Mekks recognised Gianna's husband Kendrel and son Zi'am in the spaceport where he worked. He informed Gianna of their whereabouts in order to pay of his debt, as Gianna was looking for the pair. Kendrel, who had previously trained on Korriban himself but failed and fled, was attempting to take Zi'am away from Gianna to prevent her from sending their son to train on Korriban, as he too was Force-sensitive. Once Gianna received Mekks message she began seeking help to retrieve her son.[1]

File:The men in Gianna's life.jpg

Template:GameDSmechanics Gianna eventually approached an Imperial aligned individual and asked that they helped her retrieve her son. The individual found Mekks in the spaceport and the comm officer told them that he would point out Kendrel and Zi'am but not aid in claiming the boy. He called over the pair but once the individual explained why they were there Kendrel refused to hand over the boy as he didn't want to risk the Sith killing Zi'am if he failed the training. The father asked that the individual let them flee and tell Gianna they had gone to Korriban so she wouldn't search for them. The individual refused and shot Kendrel, killing him before before he could react. After his father's death Zi'am fled home to his mother and Mekks, believing he had settled his debt, left the hunter to return to his work.[1] Gianna later sent Zi'am to Korriban as she had planned.[3] Template:Endgame

Personality and traitsEdit

"That was... nevermind. Not my business"
―Mekks, after witnessing Kendrel's death[src]

Mekks honored the debt he owed to Gianna by informing of her of her sons whereabouts. The comm officer refused to help the individual retrieve her son Zi'am though as he did not want to risk being hurt by Kendrel, who he believed looked jumpy. After Mekks witnessed Kendrel's death he considered commenting on it but refrained as he didn't believe it was his business.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"I'm through with you and Gianna. Don't get me involved again."
―Mekks becomes more angry in another dialogue option[src]

Mekks first appeared in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was released by BioWare and LucasArts in 2011. He is involved in the quest "Dreams of Korriban" on Hutta, where he directs you to Zi'am and Kendrel who Gianna has asked you to find. The player has a choice to either allow Kendrel and Zi'am to flee once they reach the space port as a light side option or to kill Kendrel as a dark side option. If the player chooses to allow the pair to flee then they can either tell Gianna the truth as a Dark side option or that Kendrel agreed to take Zi'am to Korriban as a light side option. This article assumes that the player chose to take the dark side option and kill Kendral due to the fact only Imperial characters of the bounty hunter or Imperial Agent class can undertake this quest. This is due to its location on Nal Hutta which no other classes have access to.[1]


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