4m tall, weighing 8 tons, with tentacles that extend to 3m and rhino-like skin, the megasquid is a formidable creatureAll eight of its arms have become legs and look like thick columns, each are a 1/3 of a metre in diameter. The megasquid is king of the forest. Since it has no enemies, it can live for up to 50 years. Behavior An invertebrate, meaning it has no backbone or skeleton, it has strong muscles in its 8 thick legs. These need to be strong enough to support such a large body. It has a strange walking style. Moving at no more than a human walking pace it shuffles forwards a few legs at a time. As it marches through the forest it makes aloud bellowing to let other creatures know that this is its territory.Feeding Because they are not warm-blooded endothermic animals like mammals, they need far less food. They are not fussy eaters, feasting on anything in its path, including leaves, shoots and other animals which it grabs from the trees with its long grasping tentacles. BreedingEdit Not known.

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