Klatooine paddy frog


The Klatooine paddy frog was one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite snacks. In his palace, Jabba kept a special aquarium to the left of his dais in which the creatures were kept along with other amphibious delicacies. As with gorgs, the Hutt preferred to keep these creatures alive for consumption.

Humans most other Humanoids found the actual taste of Klatooine paddy frog was revolting

Jabba's chef Porcellus placed the frogs in flavored brandy to suppress their naturally aggressive tempers.


The Klatooine paddy frog possessed a green lower body, as well as a reddish-brown head. It also possessed external gills to aid it in breathing underwater, and possessed opaque eyes. When panicking, such as when about to be eaten, it also uttered a high-pitched scream.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Klatooine paddy frogs first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Although the scene where it was eaten by Jabba was made out of rubber, its other appearances had it being portrayed by a real frog. Toby Philpott, one of the puppeteers for Jabba, recalled that the frog used was a giant from the Zoo, possibly being of African origin, although he wasn't quite certain whether it was a frog or a toad. He also commented that during filming, it once jumped out of the prop where it was to be "eaten" by Jabba, and caused a commotion that he deduced from hearing the panic, but was unable to actually bear witness to it due to being in the Jabba costume.[1]


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