Haydel Goravvus
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Human/Hamadryas hybrid[1]



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Old Republic era

"It's ironic. I wanted a title—now it's all I've got left. 'Goravvus, Senator of a few blocks of the Lower City.'"

Haydel Goravvus represented Taris sector in the Galactic Senate. He was the first senator from Taris, and was placed into office in 3,966 BBY by the efforts of Lhosan Industries chairman Jervo Thalien, as a means of ensuring protection of Taris' resource worlds. During the Mandalorian Wars he played a crucial part in the Taris Resistance.


Early lifeEdit

A son of a Human businessman and a Hamadryas serving girl, Goravvus spends his youth in the Lhosan Industries swoop bike factory in Machineville. At a young age he brought himself under attention of corporate management by helping break a strike during the labor action, which established his ties with the company for years to come. The next 30 years he spend traveling the galaxy and settling various problems of Lhosan Industries, mostly using illegal or semi-legal ways. In 3,966 BBY he helped the Lhosan Industries chairman Jervo Thalien to use bribery to ensure Taris's admission into the Galactic Republic.[1]

For his role in the activities of Lhosan Industries helped Goravvus receive the seat of Taris Sector in the Galactic Senate. Many in the xenophobic Upper City of Taris were more than unhappy to have a mixed-species Senator, but Goravvus enjoyed his victory and didn't pay much attention to them. Sometime during the course of the next two years Goravvus became a family man.[1]

The Mandalorian WarsEdit

File:Haydel Goravvus.jpg

By 3,964 BBY, Goravvus faced a losing battle in trying to convince business interests such as Lhosan Industries to remain on Taris despite widespread crime in the Lower City which threatened to spread upward. He was involved in negotiating tax breaks with Jervo, but expressed hope that the Jedi and Constable Noana Sowrs would take major steps toward eliminating the crimewave. However, he went missing during the massive rioting that befell Taris in the weeks following Zayne Carrick's second escape from the Jedi Tower.

He had, in fact, gone to meet with Thalien in hopes of convincing him to return to Taris. When Thalien refused, Goravvus threatened to reveal the shady dealings his company had had with the senator.

Before he could follow through on this, the Mandalorians attacked Taris. The senator returned to Taris and met up with the Taris Resistance. While negotiating an alliance with the Hidden Beks gang, he was tracked down by Zayne and Marn Hierogryph, who had been hired by Thalien to find him. Unknown to them, Thalien had placed a bounty on his old friend, and had Gryph unwittingly smuggle a powerful bomb into the the Resistance base, in hopes of silencing the senator before he could make his accusations. The bomb proved to be a dud due to Shel Jelavin's failed attempt to kill Zayne Carrick, however, and Goravvus made Thalien an offer: use his company's resources to provide aid and supplies to the front lines.

Later, after discovering that Cassus Fett had set up a base in the city's Jedi Tower, Goravvus helped plan an attack that would blow the tower and hopefully take Fett with it. Fett's departure made the mission pointless, though, and the Resistance headquarters was ambushed by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. After Taris ultimately fell to the Mandalorians, Goravvus managed to escape to the Republic space. There the exiled Senator became a popular figure espousing the cause of people living on occupied worlds and providing funds for private efforts to rescue refugees.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Aside from Basic he could speak Ryl, High Galactic, Huttese, Gamorrese, Hamadryas, Ithorese and Kedorzhan languages.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Goravvus was only named in the trade paperback version of Commencement; in the original single issue, he was nameless. In The Taris Holofeed: Siege Edition, his name was spelled "Gorravus"; John Jackson Miller has said in his production notes that the final name has not been decided yet.[2] However, in The Taris Holofeed: Invasion Edition, the senator is again named as Gorravus.

In The Taris Holofeed: Prime Edition, included with Crossroads, Goravvus was originally intended to be identified there along with more information about the companies on Taris moving out instead of in the Commencement trade paperback but was cut from the final edition.Template:Fact



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