"Statement: I see you have purchased me, master. I find this a satisfactory arrangement. Am I to accompany you now? Shall I kill something for you?"
HK-47 to Revan[src]

HK-series assassin droids were assassin droids with the language functions of protocol droids. They were originally manufactured by Czerka Corporation and later Duwani Mechanical Products, disguised as protocol droids with their assassination functions concealed to lull targets into a false sense of security.[1]

The earliest such droid was HK-01, responsible for the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant and finally destroyed by the Jedi Master Arca Jeth. Based on his schematics Czerka Corporation produced the HK-24 model, which met little success on the market. HK-47 was constructed by Revan during the Mandalorian Wars based on the schematics of HK-24. Several years later, G0-T0 started producing HK-50 droids, in turn based on the schematics of HK-47 and designed to hunt down Jedi. The line was banned in most systems after their governments learned of the roles these droids played in the Jedi Civil War and the Sith Civil War. Battle droids resembeling the HK series were later used by the Republic during the Great Galactic war and the Cold war. One HK unit was owned by Sith Master Darth Scabrous on Odacer-Faustin. During the time of Galactic Civil War HK-47, who found himself stranded on Mustafar, began to produce more HK-units based on his own design.

==Known units==

*HK-24 series assassin droid
*HK-50 series assassin droid
*HK-58 Aurek
*HK-58 Besh




==Behind the scenes==
The term HK "Hunter-Killer" was first used in Star Wars with HK-47, which in turn is a reference to the dropship of the same designation that appears in the BioWare game Shattered Steel, which in turn was a reference to BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn's billiard team.[2]

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*HK-51 Revealed

*The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology
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==See also==
*HK-51 (cut from the final version of KotOR II)
*HK Manufacturing Plant (cut from the final version of KotOR II)

==Notes and references==

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|nl=HK-Series Assassin Droid
|ru=Серии дроидов HK

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