A gladiator was a person who fought—sometimes to the death—for money, or was made to fight against his, or her, will. The latter being condemned prisoners and slaves in particular. There were many forms of gladiator battles all over the galaxy, notably on Geonosis and Rattatak. Some droids were built for the purpose of gladiator fights, such as the Mark X Executioner or Bugnaught. Loovria was also known for its gladiator pits.[1]

The Regional Sector Number Four's All-Human Free-For-All was a gladiator event on Jubilar.

The Viis Empire trained its Aaroun slaves as gladiators.[2]







*Gorse Bendak, Human (Mandalorian) male[3]
*Blorga, Gamorrean male[4]
File:Gladiator pits of Loovria.jpg

*Anchor Blue, Houk male[4]
*Bugnaught, droid[4]
*Carl, Shikitari male[4]
*Crockagor, male of unidentified reptilian species[4]
*Grunda Dolma, Ualaq Aqualish female[4]
*Flalios, Human male[4]
*"Giant" Flog, male of unidentified species[4]
*Omze'kehr Kahr, Sludir male[5]
*Rahm Kota, Human (Jedi) male
*Krutch, male of unidentified arachnid species[4]
*Kulltu Kutta, male of unidentified species[4]
*L8-L9, droid[4]
*Mandalore the Lesser, Human male[6][7]
*Mantoid, droid[4]
*Galen Marek, Human (Force-user) male
*Tyrnia Masak, Human female[8]
*Jasper McKnives, Nikto male[4]
*Nilo, Rodisar male[4]
*Swyy'm-Ee, Trogodile male[4]
*Asajj Ventress, Dathomirian female[4]
  • Mariko Skirata (Born Mariko woods)Human female Mandalorian

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