Genesis Red
Biographical information

1 ABY, Tansarii Point Station

Physical description


Chronological and political information

Rebellion era


Genesis Red (gang)

Genesis Red was the male crime lord leader of the eponymous criminal organization. He participated in the gang's occupation of portions of the lower levels of Tansarii Point Station in 1 ABY, but their plans were thwarted when a large number of their thugs and officers were killed by hired Spacers and agents of the Tansarii Point Station authorities. He was amongst those killed by the hired spacers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Genesis Red first appeared in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies as an enemy on the games tutorial level on Tansarii point station added by the NGE update. He can be killed by the player as part of a side quest given by Rydel Delan. Genesis Red has no canon species as they respawn with a random appearance each time they are killed, while he can also respawn as a female Rydel Delan states he is male.


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