The Cult of the Power Droids was a religious sect solicited by rogue GNK power droids.


Apparently, a duo of the droids would come to one's door and request funding for this religious fringe group. Advice from renowned linguist Ebenn Q3 Baobab was that one should merely utter the phrase "Gonk. Gonk. Gonk ko kyenga see," a highly controversial statement that was not allowed to be legally translated (see Baobab Security Directive 51-C).

Behind the scenesEdit

This may be an inside joke referring to the "Gonkite" faction of posters on the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc (RASSM) in the early-to-mid-nineties. The Gonkites made satirical arguments that all the GNK power droids seen in the Original Trilogy (at that time, the only trilogy) are actually the same droid, a droid named Gonk (or G*nk, with the vowel omitted to avoid blaspheming the sacred name of Gonk). Gonkites attributed to Gonk the power to transcend time and space, and credited him with being the secret manipulator of events behind the scenes of the trilogy, describing him as a godlike being worthy of worship.[1]


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