• Control Mind abilities[1]
  • Scorpion-like[1]
The Chiggnash were a sentient species that resembled scorpions. The species had the ability to control the minds of other beings, and sometimes used that faculty to rapidly accumulate an expendable force of "warrior drones." At least some Chiggnash formed criminal extortion rings. Among bounty hunters, it was acknowledged that due to their control mind ability, special tactics were required to confront Chiggnash. For instance, an electrified smart-harpoon was an inappropriate weapon as it would soon short out against so many warrior drones. Similarly, a blaster would be of only temporary use against their hordes.[1]

==Behind the scenes==
Brian Daley created the Chiggnash for his article "Predators of the Empire", published in Star Wars Galaxy 6 in 1996. The article details the origins and cultural influences of bounty hunters in Star Wars canon, and is written in a style that intermingles in-universe and out-of-universe perspectives. The reference to the Chiggnash appears to be in-universe, and this article has treated it as such.

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==Notes and references==
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