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Bozzie Baranta


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Purple and gold

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Rise of the Empire

Bozzie Baranta was a mechanic on Gasgano’s pit crew around the time of the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY. However, he fostered dreams of becoming a pilot himself. He secretly practiced with the Ord Pedrovia until he felt he could at least hold his own on the Amateur circuit. At that point, he made his request to part ways with Gasgano. Once the Xexto saw how he could race, Gasgano agreed to let him off the pit crew, and even had a hand (or two) in funding Baranta’s campaign to buy a Podracer. After securing a Shelba 730 Razor podracer of his own, Baranta painted the machine in bright colors and began to live his dream.

He performed quite well that he became the favorite in the track "Abyss" in Ord Ibanna.

==Behind the scenes==
Baranta's voice in Star Wars: Episode I Racer was provided by Terence McGovern.

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