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"And you accept nonhumans into your ranks?"
"As long as your world is a member of the Empire of the Hand, you’re eligible."
Su-mil and Twister[src]

Alien stormtroopers were Non-Humans who served the Galactic Empire and its successor states as stormtroopers.


As the Stormtrooper Corps was one of the base institutions of the New Order, which supported Human High Culture, Non-Humans were not permitted to serve in the Imperial Military for the first three decades since the rise of the Galactic Empire. With the exception of General Bentilais san Sk'ar's T'Syriél stormtroopers on Shiva IV, the stormtrooper ranks were almost exclusively reserved for Human male recruits and clones. It was only through the reforms initiated by Admiral Daala that aliens first entered military service within a diminished remnant of the first Galactic Empire. During Daala's final campaign against the New Republic, millions of Non-Humans became enlisted stormtroopers during her Deep Core buildup.

After Daala's resignation, there was no other information on alien stormtroopers within the Imperial Remnant. The Empire of the Hand, another successor state to the former Empire of Emperor Palpatine, the recruitment of alien soldiers was a common practice, as reflected by military units such as the 501st Legion. The expansion of the Imperial recruiting pool to include aliens continued at a gradual pace as the Imperial Remnant steadily reformed itself into a new Empire. When the Empire divided between the deposed emperor Roan Fel and the Sith Lord Darth Krayt, both factions continued to make use of alien recruits throughout their civil war.




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